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  • Our safety is your safety.

    Wilhelm’s exceptional record reflects positively on you and eliminates risk, leaving you to enjoy the progress of your project.

  • The Axis @ Block 400

    Mixed-use development in heart of downtown Indianapolis includes residential and retail space, including a Marsh supermarket, in addition to a 300-car parking garage.

  • Joint Force HQ – Stout Field

    Wrapping up: The Joint Force headquarters, home of the Indiana National Guard, remodeled and expanded four structures on its campus at Stout Field including an auditorium for the 38th Infantry Division Band.

  • Terre Haute CSO

    Nearly 40 feet of excavation was required before the earth retention systems could be installed on this combined sewer overflow project which includes a floatables control structure, diversion structure and temporary bypass.

  • Bankier Apartments

    This 14-level, mixed-use structure includes parking, residential and commercial  space in Champaign, Ill. Construction activity was significantly confined due to the site’s location.

The Wilhelm Way

F.A. Wilhelm was a man with a dream to build better buildings and a better life for his family and community. This is still the Wilhelm way. Our enduring reputation for honesty, integrity and industry-leading quality has been built by generations of employees driven to do everything it takes to get the job done right.

For 90 years we’ve been challenging the construction industry by the way we work. We are early adopters of developing technologies. We embrace change and use it to serve our clients in ways our competitors simply cannot match. We are never satisfied with industry standards when it comes to safety and quality. We make sure our work is done right, down to the last detail, and we strive to find ways to continuously improve our performance.

We’ve completed more than 8,000 projects ranging from hospitals, museums and classrooms to parking garages, treatment plants, and major manufacturing facilities. But at Wilhelm Construction, a leading Construction Management Company,  success is much more than building projects. We aim to improve the lives of our families, and the people in the community who research, work, learn or live in any of our buildings. We desire to strengthen and inspire people to be their best.

It’s people, not concrete, who form the foundation for everything we do.

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