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Welcome to our new hires in estimating, accounting, scheduling

Posted by Brooke Lock on February 3rd, 2015


Adriann Rhoades, Preconstruction Manager

Adriann says she keeps very high expectations of herself and those around her. Landmark projects she has been part of include Purdue University’s Mackey Arena and student recreation center, IU Health Saxony Hospital and the Indianapolis International Airport.

A graduate of Ball State University, earning her bachelor’s degree in technology/construction management and master’s degree in business administration, Adriann currently serves on the university’s Construction Management Industry Advisory Board. Additionally, she is a LEED accredited professional.




Ryan Gallagher, Estimator

A Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology graduate, Ryan earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He gained experience as a project manager and estimator in the cell tower industry prior to joining F.A. Wilhelm Construction.





Morse,-Marquez-300x300-webMarquez Morse, Project Accountant

Marquez is currently finishing his bachelor’s program in accounting at Indiana Technical Institute. Prior to joining F.A. Wilhelm Construction, Marquez gained project accounting experience at another construction firm. What he enjoys about accounting being able to see tangible results of his work.






Doug Correll, Corporate Scheduling Manager

Doug joins F.A. Wilhelm Construction Company’s operational leadership team to further develop the planning and scheduling department. Doug will provide support and guidance to proposal and management teams planning, developing, updating and analyzing project schedules. From bidding and proposal collaboration through commission and turnover to the owner, Doug’s 20 years of experience will strengthen and advance Wilhelm Construction’s project controls.





Landon Sturgeon, Scheduler

Landon’s experience includes project scheduling, cost tracking, engineering development and validation for a major wireless carrier, construction machinery and equipment manufacturer, water and wastewater treatment plants and the power industry. He excels at schedule development for proposals as well as transitioning the schedule to the field, facilitating updates upon award. Landon enjoys scheduling because it allows him to be an integral part of the project team.




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Alumni Hall, the living room experience Marian University desired

Posted by Brooke Lock on February 3rd, 2015
Alumni Hall

Photo: ©Abstract Photography, Inc.

As students headed back to Marian University for the 2014-2015 school year, F.A. Wilhelm Construction wrapped up construction management of the university’s new Alumni Hall. First, the new campus bookstore opened when school started, and then three weeks later the Starbucks opened within the hall.

“It was a very exciting day,” Curtis Sattison, Wilhelm project manager said. “It was great to see students walking the corridors between the bookstore and Starbucks. With the space fully occupied, students are using the space as a living room for personal studies.”

That is exactly what Marian University envisioned for the new building, to have Alumni Hall be the living room of the university. In addition to Starbucks, the Alumni Hall Food Court features a Papa John’s and Grill Works.

“The space provides a spot where students can hang out and enjoy food and coffee,” Audra Blasdel, Marian University’s project representative and the University’s Director of Projects and Procurement said. “They can interact with their peers as well as faculty and staff, outside of the classroom, providing a sense of community to their experience at Marian University.”

Sattison explained the university had expectations of what the space needed to be for banquets and alumni events but also recognized that those events are not the everyday need on campus. He said the university knew that “students being in there Monday through Friday was the important thing.”

In order to accommodate the varying needs for this 18,500 sq. ft. space, flexibility stayed at the forefront of RATIO Architects’ design. Expenses for the project centered on the functionality and proper use of the spaces.

“The university was very selective about where to spend money to allow the flexibility of the space while maintaining a very attractive building,” Sattison said. “They focused on functionality.”

That functionality derived from investing in quality Skyfold® partitions that divide the open space into two spaces, allowing banquet functions and student activities to take place simultaneously. Finishes were kept in mind to maintain budget, according to Sattison.


Photo: Josh Humble

The biggest challenge for this project, like most projects last year was getting through the winter.

“We were still outdoors during the harsh winter and we lost work days,” Sattison said. “We used the spring and summer to get back on track.”

Additionally, some of the functional materials had longer lead times and required detailed coordination. For example, the Skyfolds® and the Hufcor® bi-fold doors in the banquet area, the 6-foot access floor, which allows flexibility of outlets and furniture, the 23-foot ceiling with fabric acoustical panels all demanded special installation and coordination.

“Once we had the floor down, we couldn’t bring in lift equipment,” Sattison explained. “We nearly had to go to day-by-day and hour-by-hour to schedule contractors in the space without another waiting and on top of one another. We had very elaborate ceiling and floor space on this project, and both couldn’t be happening at the same time.”

Marian University made it a point to add energy efficiency anywhere possible. Working with RATIO and Wilhelm, the university was able to do that without exaggerating the cost of the project. Certain challenges arose during construction that required adjusting design elements. Sattison said this project stayed on track through the collaborative team of Marian University, RATIO and Wilhelm.

“We really did all work together to make sure that the functionality, design and construction schedules we taken care of. This really was a fun project team to work with throughout the process.”

Marian University kicked off its Homecoming Weekend with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Alumni Hall last fall.

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President reviews 2015, strategic initiatives progress

Posted by Brooke Lock on January 30th, 2015

Kenney, PhilI hope you and your families enjoyed the holiday season as we at F.A. Wilhelm Construction Company closed out a safe and successful 2014. I am thankful for the hard work and commitment all of our employees contribute to the success of our companies. Now it is back to work for us in 2015, and we have a lot of work to do!

We will focus on Leading Indicators throughout the year as part of our safety culture. Reporting on safety concerns, issues and violations we see in the office, fabrication shops and our project sites will support this focus as we drive toward our corporate goal of zero incidents.

We will continue to emphasize our goal of limiting rework in all our daily tasks. The education of all employees on the definition of rework is going very well as we continue to gather cost and schedule data on this subject and see the effects of reducing it.

Project opportunities continue to be plentiful throughout our work area, and we recognize we must perform at our best to take full advantage of these opportunities. That is why the elimination of rework and promotion of safe worksites is so critical – these lead to success for our employees and clients alike.

Service to our clients will remain our daily focus, whether we are in the role of construction manager, general contractor or trade contractor. All of us within the Wilhelm companies realize that this will require flexibility and adjustments to the way we work. We will never allow ourselves to get stuck in the old way of doing things. We will always ask the question “why do we do it this way?” With hard work and an open mind to change, we will continue to improve the services we provide.

I am confident we will share many great successes in 2015 and look forward to working with all of you to make these successes happen. Thanks for all you do to support F.A. Wilhelm Construction.

– Phil

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Available Opening: Proposal Coordinator I

Posted by Brooke Lock on January 19th, 2015

We are seeking a highly-driven entry-level Proposal Coordinator I to help develop proposals, assist in maintaining our CRM database, and help track firm information and metrics.

If interested, learn more about the position on our careers page.

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Phil Kenney, Brian Keith celebrate milestones!

Posted by Brooke Lock on December 18th, 2014
Kenney, Phil

Phil Kenney
30 years

“When I became a full-time employee in 1984, I knew Wilhelm was the place I wanted to work for the rest of my career. Whether I was a young, dumb office engineer at Union Station, a novice estimator working for Herb Ruffley, a group manager reporting to Jud West, or the president of the company, my outlook has never changed. This is the greatest place to work because of the amazing projects we build as we safely serve our clients. I have also enjoyed working with some of the finest construction minds in the country. It has been an wonderful ride, but it is not over yet.”





Keith, Brian

Brian Keith
Operations Manager
25 years

“Working at Wilhelm has been a remarkable experience. So many people and projects come to mind; a particular project, however, stands out. It was that project I witnessed generosity, integrity, longevity, compassion, and hope – Hope Academy at Fairbanks. We had no sooner completed the punch list and it was already having a positive impact on our community. My other favorite projects are the museums I’ve worked on such as the Eiteljorg, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana State Museum, and James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home. I have been able to enjoy these places with my family and friends many times. I enjoy working with all the folks at Wilhelm and the many clients I’ve come to know.”

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Dave Vleck, Paula Jones celebrate milestones!

Posted by Brooke Lock on December 10th, 2014
Vleck, Dave

Dave Vleck
Masonry Project Manager
20 years

“It doesn’t seem that long ago I interviewed with Jim McCoy in Estimating. I had watched Wilhelm build monumental projects in Indianapolis through the years and wanted to be part of the team that made such an impact in our city.

When Tippy asked me to consider moving into the masonry division in the hopes of providing stability, I asked Bill Hobson how many people had turned one of Tippy’s requests down. After careful consideration, Bill told me he couldn’t think of one person that had and was still with Wilhelm.

I’ve always found it a source of pride when someone recognizes the Wilhelm logo on a hat or jacket I’m wearing and asks me if I work at Wilhelm and know a friend of theirs.

I consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of Wilhelm. This opportunity has fostered many great friendships throughout the years. I’m looking forward to the next 20. Thank you Wilhelm.”



Jones, Paula

Paula Jones
Central Indiana Alliance Assistant Controller
15 years

“Throughout the past 15 years I have worked exclusively for one of our largest pharmaceutical clients and I feel very blessed to have worked with many wonderful people over the years.  I have many memories… I look forward to many more years with Wilhelm.”






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Veterans Day Tribute

Posted by Brooke Lock on November 11th, 2014

Veterans Message

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A race against winter: St. Alexius Medical Plaza

Posted by Brooke Lock on September 3rd, 2014

The once-considered remote land of Minot, N.D. recently experienced a boom in the area. Due to oil and gas wells situated in the Bakken formation of the Rocky Mountains to the west, the Minot population doubled with an influx of oil workers and support services to the area. Until the increased oil and gas well work in the area, the Minot Air Force Base mostly only populated Minot. NexCore Group, a Denver-based healthcare developer, identified the need for additional medical services for the growing community and broke ground on the St. Alexius Medical Plaza (SAMC) in June 2014.

NEXCORE_2014-Apr-21_SOUTH“The new Medical Plaza will allow SAMC to recruit additional physicians to the Minot community and provide specialty services that patients want closer to home,” John Duncan, senior vice president of development and construction at NexCore Group, said.

With extreme North Dakota winters scheduled to begin in October, the Wilhelm construction management team prepared for unique circumstances in the area. The northern Minot location presented challenges to construction planning for the 62,733 square-foot facility, which includes a concrete foundation, structural steel frame and precast concrete wall panels with brick inlays.

Wilhelm had to address construction labor shortage in the area by enlisting workers from Fargo, Bismarck and Minnesota in addition to Minot locals. Though somewhat distant, Kent Forman, project manager for Wilhelm Construction, said these workers are local by Minot standards. Work crews started long hours for the summer to make up for work that can be missed in the long winter months.

Due to the extreme cold, the precast panels were designed to extend four feet below the finished floor slab, and the underground water requirement was a minimum of six feet. Additionally, the Wilhelm team anticipated the need for strategic material delivery to negate delays from road weight restrictions during spring thawing conditions, which impact deliveries from March to June.

“We’re using precast wall panels,” Forman said “They are pretty heavy and deliveries are limited to the summer months.”

Designed to include a clinic of 54 exam rooms and six procedure rooms, an optical center, laboratory, imaging, pharmacy, therapy and administration, the St. Alexius Medical Plaza is scheduled for July 2015 completion.

“The project design will foster cooperation among providers, which is intended to promote positive patient outcomes and increase operational efficiencies,” Duncan said. “The design supports an operational model that SAMC adopted after undertaking LEAN planning exercises to eliminate waste and improve clinical performance. For example, the larger floor plates of the facility will enable the primary care and full-time specialty physicians to practice on the same floor while the open plan of each care module will foster collaboration among staff and providers.”

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Lisa Wilde helps Bash cancer – Zumba Style

Posted by Brooke Lock on August 28th, 2014

Zumba 1Lisa Wilde, F.A. Wilhelm Construction Union Payroll Administrator, took the stage at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, June 28, 2014 to lead the Big Red Bash Zumba® class, an event hosted by the Little Red Door Cancer Agency to bash cancer. The event, free and open to the public, featured three workout routines. The Zumba class assembled in an attempt to be the largest group class in the country.

“It was astonishing to see how many people committed to the challenge to bash cancer for the people in their lives,” Wilde said. “The amount of participation, whether it was in one of the three exercise formats, the kids zone or just to gather information was awesome.” An estimated 6,500 people attended the event throughout the day, according to Wilde.

Joined on stage by Zumba peers and teachers, Wilde led the dance-like cardio routine to Latin-inspired music. She said the energy in the crowd was amazing, and the routine was the fastest hour of her life.


“I was so humbled to be asked to lead on stage for the Big Red Bash,” Wilde said. “I was on stage with people who taught me Zumba. I was honored.”

Several people approached Wilde after the event to find out where she teaches, and that they plan to incorporate her routine into the Zumba classes they teach.

“The highest compliment was to have peers tell me that I killed the routine and having other instructors borrow my routine,” Wilde said. “Being on stage with people I admire and then to have them say ‘job well done,’ was amazing.”


Lisa Before

When Wilde joined Wilhelm 13 years ago, she looked and felt different than today. Those employees who knew her from day one saw the transformation she made from Woman’s size 22 to a Misses’ size 10. After discovering health issues, her doctors recommended significant weight loss to reduce her pain levels. Wilde found a coupon for one free dance class and tried ballet. At the age of 39 she signed up for a year of ballet, hip-hop and jazz. In one year with three hours of exercise each week, Wilde lost 55 pounds. By continuing her commitment to exercise and watching what she ate she maintained the weight loss and continued to tone her body.

When the dance studio closed, she searched for a new cardio class. That is when she discovered Zumba and six months later she became a licensed instructor.

“Zumba has done wonders for my stress level,” Wilde said. “Most of us go home, sit down and have a hard time getting back up. But it’s important to make ‘me’ time.”

Wilde said Zumba, a mid-level impact exercise, could burn up to 1,300 calories depending on the length and intensity of the routine. The important thing is to find an exercise outlet that inspires you, so that you will continue to do it.

“It doesn’t matter what you do, but all you need is 30 minutes each day,” Wilde said. “That will benefit you in the long run. Walk. Step in place to music. It doesn’t matter what intensity as long as your body is moving and your heart rate is up.”

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Can’t get enough golf?

Posted by Brooke Lock on August 27th, 2014

The Indiana Chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) is hosting its annual scholarship golf outing!

DATE:   Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TIME:   Shotgun start @ 11:30 a.m. (registration begins @ 10:30 a.m., breakfast seminar @9 a.m.)

LOCATION:   Plum Creek Golf Club  / 12401 Lynnwood Boulevard  /  Carmel, Indiana

COST:   $150/person for golf outing (includes golf, unlimited range balls, lunch, prize fund, after-round appetizers and drinks

For more information or to RSVP, contact John Krupski at jkrupski@structurepoint.com or 317.523.0176.

Enter for a chance to win a wheelbarrow full of fine wine, craft beer, and top shelf liquor. Purchase one ticket for $!0 or two for $15. Available at event or in advance by contacting John Krupski. *Must be 21 to enter.

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