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Dave Vleck, Paula Jones celebrate milestones!

Vleck, Dave

Dave Vleck
Masonry Project Manager
20 years

“It doesn’t seem that long ago I interviewed with Jim McCoy in Estimating. I had watched Wilhelm build monumental projects in Indianapolis through the years and wanted to be part of the team that made such an impact in our city.

When Tippy asked me to consider moving into the masonry division in the hopes of providing stability, I asked Bill Hobson how many people had turned one of Tippy’s requests down. After careful consideration, Bill told me he couldn’t think of one person that had and was still with Wilhelm.

I’ve always found it a source of pride when someone recognizes the Wilhelm logo on a hat or jacket I’m wearing and asks me if I work at Wilhelm and know a friend of theirs.

I consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of Wilhelm. This opportunity has fostered many great friendships throughout the years. I’m looking forward to the next 20. Thank you Wilhelm.”



Jones, Paula

Paula Jones
Central Indiana Alliance Assistant Controller
15 years

“Throughout the past 15 years I have worked exclusively for one of our largest pharmaceutical clients and I feel very blessed to have worked with many wonderful people over the years.  I have many memories… I look forward to many more years with Wilhelm.”






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