One of the biggest indicators to project success is the implementation and reliability of comprehensive safety planning from day one.

Every single person safe
Every single day
Everywhere we work

Safety is everyone’s priority. Wilhelm houses dedicated full-time safety professionals with established and effective practices incorporating both leading and lagging indicators to improve safety on jobsites. Through research, analyses and daily practice, Wilhelm’s safety initiatives protect people and projects, positively impacting client return on investment, while eliminating risk; leaving everyone to enjoy the process and the progress.

Safety is integrated into Wilhelm’s organizational structure at every level from presidential engagement to field and administration training. Leadership and full-time safety personnel that support safety initiatives are beneficial to the company, however, it is the people out in the field fully embracing the initiatives and procedures that allow Wilhelm to remain successful. A day on a Wilhelm jobsite begins, progresses, and ends with safety protocols. Project personnel begin their day with safety meetings, equipment and gear checks, an update plan review, and a discussion of any questions and concerns.

Working closely with regulatory and industry agencies that support and promote safety, Wilhelm incorporates industry best practices. We are a charter member of the Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS), serving in a leading role on several CCS committees including: employee training, emergency preparedness, project safety planning, drug free work place, and subcontractor safety.

A known in the AEC industry is that projects carry uncertainties. With Wilhelm, safety is not one of them. Our partnership with OSHA holds us accountable to have the highest level of safety possible on every jobsite. Our practices set the standard for safe project delivery because our company exercises a strict safety culture.

“Our safety culture isn’t about checking items on a list. It’s about making sure every single person with any ties whatsoever to a project site returns to their families the same way they arrived that morning.”
– Doug Taylor, Corporate Safety Director

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