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BackPack Attack

It’s back to school with packed backpacks for nearly 5,000 central Indiana students, courtesy of Indy BackPack Attack and folks who work for 140 corporate sponsors, including Wilhelm Construction.

It’s simple: to be successful in school, children need the tools essential for learning, things such as pencils, calculators, rulers and notebook paper, and the backpacks themselves. But every autumn, 75 percent of Indianapolis Public School students can’t afford these basic school supplies, and many IPS teachers spend their own money to buy them for their students.

Wilhelm employees donated a wide variety of supplies. Indy BackPack Attack picked up the donations and engaged volunteers to sort them at a warehouse loaned by IUPUI. Members’ Credit Union is a major corporate donor, providing 4,000 backpacks.

Then, packages of supplies are delivered to IPS social workers, and some charter schools, for children in need. About 5,000 students in preschool and grades K-12 received backpacks stuffed with supplies, and about 40,000 other students received additions to their own supplies. For example if a student came to school with just a pencil, he or she could go to their social worker and receive additional supplies.

Ashley Perry of Indy BackPack Attack says, “Coming from backgrounds where their families may not be able to afford all the things needed for school, the kids are so excited to get these supplies. They love it!”

And the kids wouldn’t be able to experience that without the help of Wilhelm and the other donor companies.

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