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CANstruction creations commemorate commitment to combating hunger

CANstructionAs part of the state-wide celebration for Indiana’s bicentennial, CANstruction 2016 paid homage to the history, art, and culture of Indiana throughout the past 200 years. One well-known Indiana icon stands out worldwide and has played a prominent role in the development of state – The Indianapolis 500. This famed race has attracted the attention of millions of fans and created Indiana’s moniker as “The Racing Capital of the World”.

Most people recognize The Indianapolis 500 and its positive social and economic impacts. What some people may not realize is that in Indiana there is a much different race underway, a race against hunger. According to Gleaners Food bank, 173,900 individuals in Marion County are food insecure.

In response to those in need, CANstruction, an international and unique charity, works with companies and community organizations to combat hunger. Founded in 1992, CANstruction has helped raise over 40 million pounds of food through building competitions featuring cans of food. During August, the 2016 Indianapolis event was hosted at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

F.A. Wilhelm Construction and Schmidt Associates entered the competition with their “Race Against Hunger” can creation. With nearly 6,000 tins, Wilhelm and Schmidt engineered a life sized Mario Cart scene incorporating aspects of the Indianapolis 500 Pagoda and “kid-favorite” driver Mario from the famous Nintendo racing circuit.

The donated can combinations comprise 3,275 meals for Gleaner Food Bank which are distributed throughout the Indianapolis Area. Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana delivers meals through a network of over 250 partner agencies locally.

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