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Citizens Energy Group renovates to maximize efficiency

Citizens Energy Group’s lift station in Bridgeport, Ind., in its current condition is dated and in need of an upgrade to operate at full capacity. Tasked with renovations to CEG’s existing Lift Station 101 facility, F.A. Wilhelm Construction is entering new territory in installing pigging equipment by running a pig through a sewer line for the first time. This cleans the line to provide more capacity.

A synthetic device known as a “pig” runs between the two stations performing various maintenance tasks including cleaning and inspecting the pipeline. To pig the sewer line, Wilhelm first constructs the launching and retrieval stations. Once the system is installed, the pig uses the pressure of the product flow to run from the launching station to the retrieval station, where the pig is removed. The pig run will not disrupt the existing flow of the sewage.

CEG lift station- pigging

“Different sized pigs will be sent down the pipes and run a few miles down the line. This will increase efficiency of the pipeline,” said Project Manager Nate Crowell. “Once the upgrades are complete, Citizens Energy Group will have the capacity to clean two miles of sanitary sewer lines.”

“This process will protect the area from sewage buildup and overflow,” adds Pat Carnahan, vice president of Symbiont and engineer for the project.

Wilhelm is working with engineering and consulting firm Symbiont to design the project, review supplies, and provide oversight to ensure the construction is carried out based on the design’s specification.

“We contacted a company who specializes in pigging to help navigate this process since it is something new for Wilhelm,” said Crowell.

CEG Lift Station - pigging set upAdditional upgrades to the lift station include a new motor control center, adjustable frequency drive replacement, heating and ventilation improvements, as well as other structural and mechanical modifications. The lift station will be shut down while Wilhelm performs wet well work and Industrial Electric performs the major electrical and controls upgrades. A temporary bypass will be installed during construction.

“The most challenging part is setting up temporary pumps during the bypass and pigging the lines for the first time,” said Crowell.

CEG is upgrading all of the electrical and instrumentation and controls on the project. Industrial Electric has been contracted to do much of these replacements and upgrades.

Wilhelm is self-performing all of the earth work, piping, and concrete. The project is expected to be complete by June 2014.

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