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Congratulations to Bob and Larry on your impressive milestones

Hunter, Larry - color - web35 Years – Larry Hunter, Superintendent

“Wow, 35 years. When I went to work for F.A. Wilhelm, at the IUPUI Natatorium project in 1978, I had no idea I would still be part of this company in 2015. I did leave for a few years in 1988, but I realized that this is the best construction company to work for, and returned in 1990. Wilhelm has an outstanding reputation, so when someone asks me who I work for, I proudly answer ‘F.A. Wilhelm Construction Company’. It feels good to work for a company that when the owners stop by to walk the jobsite they will go out of their way to look me up, shake my hand, and ask about the family.

Working for the Wilhelm organization has been quite a ride, a real pleasure. I will certainly miss everyone when I decided to retire.”


Shackelford-resume-color30 Years – Bob Schackelford, General Superintendent

Reflecting on the 30 years, there’s not one moment that sticks out, but there has been a lot of change. The people have changed and the company has really grown. It has been remarkable to see, especially to be part of the progress.

There was about a three year stretch when I worked on the Honda manufacturing facility, Indiana [Grand] Casino and the Yum! center I very much enjoyed; they were all big, fast-paced, exciting projects. I still enjoy going back to the casino and the Yum! center.

This is my job; I don’t require recognition. I hope I keep growing and continue to see the company grow. For the next generation in the family, if you work hard, communicate, and are loyal, you have the support you need to succeed.

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