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It’s in our lifeblood: Families of Wilhelm Construction – The Taylors

Although growing up as brothers, the road to Wilhelm turned a little differently for Doug and Rob Taylor who are both now dedicated to Wilhelm’s safety program.

Doug joined Wilhelm in 1996 and serves as the corporate safety director. Rob, older by 18 months, came aboard in 2004 as safety coordinator. Together, this family duo teaches the entire family of companies that practicing safety on the job and producing high quality work are synonymous.

Indianapolis natives, the Taylors inherited construction interest from their dad, helping on freelance jobs. Each is married and has adult children. In fact, Doug’s son, Zach, is an apprentice laborer with Wilhelm, continuing the tradition.

Doug and Rob discussed their careers with Wilhelm.

Why Wilhelm?
Doug: “My former boss asked me to be a safety coordinator for Freitag-Weinhardt at Eli Lilly in Lafayette. Later, I was asked to join Wilhelm to oversee all safety.”


Rob: “When Doug needed a safety coordinator at Wilhelm, I decided to come help him out.”




What is most challenging about what you do?
Doug: “My job is to help people understand safety is critical to running a profitable business. We have a great safety program; I do everything I can to make sure the job gets done safely, within budget and on schedule.”
Rob: “Working with all the different trades to ensure we maintain our excellent safety record. It’s challenging, but highly rewarding.”

What do you love most about what you do?
Doug: “The people at Wilhelm and nearly everyone knows ‘You don’t make money doing safety. You make money by being safe.”’
Rob: “Everyone coming together to complete a project. AND, everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.”

What are some of your most memorable projects with Wilhelm?
Doug: “The Indiana State Museum because of the complex layout of the structure and the unique masonry stonework. The casinos, because of the compressed schedules, a lot of work was completed in a short amount of time. And, the new Indianapolis Airport due to the vast amount of cast-in-place concrete work we performed.”
Rob: “The Indianapolis Airport, JW Marriott, the Louisville arena because they were such landmark projects.”

How has Wilhelm changed while you have been with the company?
Doug: “I notice the safety culture most. Safety is now in the forefront of everyone’s mind.”
Rob: “A vast improvement in the safety culture across the board. People are taking a strong stance on safety and taking it seriously.”

What is it like to work with family?
Doug: “It’s a good feeling working with Rob and the Wilhelm family as a whole.”
Rob: “I work for Doug, and we understand that business is business. I enjoy that.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Doug: “I intend to be here at Wilhelm. They are good people.”
Rob: “I want to keep learning and increase the value I bring to Wilhelm.”

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