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Kokomo continues improvements with downtown parking garage

Kokomo, Ind. is on a mission to revitalize its downtown. In the past several years, the city council has taken significant steps to attract more business and residential living, including building two new fire stations, expanding pedestrian paths and trails, and renovating City Hall. One of its biggest capital projects is a new five-story structure that includes four floors of parking and a fifth floor with residential apartments. This new parking garage and apartment building will be located in the heart of downtown Kokomo across the street from the newly planned YMCA building.

Parking Garage Rendering

F.A. Wilhelm is building the concrete parking structure portion of this project. The cast-in-place concrete, post-tension parking garage will have one level on grade and four elevated stories that will include approximately 400 parking spaces. Each level totals 35,000 square feet of parking space.

The fifth level post-tension slab will serve as a podium for approximately 35 apartments. The apartments will range from efficiencies to two-bedroom units. According to Project Manager Jason King, the foundations are built to support the added weight of the apartment units.


The project broke ground on November 19. To date, the earthwork has been completed including demolishing pre-existing structures and removing the debris. Although there were challenges early on in the project, King says that construction will be complete by the Memorial Day deadline.
“We had a one-month set back because of the weather and working next to existing electrical lines, but we are now pouring the concrete,” said King. “The foundations are complete and we have all slab on grade poured. We just completed the first of 15 individual deck pours that make up the four elevated stories.”

This project marks the first time F.A. Wilhelm has worked with Indianapolis-based Envoy Construction Management. According to Tyler Bank, estimator, Wilhelm assisted Envoy with its initial budgeting for the $13 million project. Wilhelm was then one of three bidders on the concrete bid package.

When announcing the project at a joint City/YMCA event titled, “A glimpse Into Our Future,” Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight highlighted the importance of providing added parking for Kokomo residents and visitors.

“The parking garage resolves downtown’s current parking needs and facilitates future development,” Goodnight said at the event. “This impressive addition to Kokomo’s urban landscape represents the city’s commitment for taking a supporting role in Kokomo’s continued vitality.”

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