The growth in the chemical industry is closely tied to the growth of the construction industry, with both business segments experiencing high global demand. Construction is dependent on chemical manufacturing to supply everything from concrete admixtures, to flooring adhesives, to roofing compounds. As one of the Midwest’s largest providers of construction labor and services, Wilhelm is personally invested in serving the building needs of the chemical market.

Wilhelm’s preconstruction and construction services help clients plan and build high-quality facilities that house complex production processes and specialty equipment, while providing energy efficient and cost-effective operating and maintenance costs. Through our expertise in estimating, scheduling, building information modeling (BIM), and lean construction, our team provides clients with the knowledge and resources to build and expand new facilities, and/or renovate existing plants. In addition, our team can become an extension of yours, with experienced builders on hand at a moment’s notice for ongoing maintenance and repair.

Our building expertise leads to client facilities well-built to accommodate changing regulations and processes leading to higher productivity, which benefits us all.

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