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National Collegiate Athletic Association

Indianapolis, IN

From its headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) runs 89 championships in 23 sports and governs more than 400,000 student-athletes competing at 1,000 member colleges and universities. Its first building, constructed in the mid-1990s, was designed for fewer than 350 employees. The expansion accommodates the organization’s ongoing growth. The design of the four-story expansion highlights the NCAA support of student athletes and harmonizes with the adjacent White River State Park’s open spaces while integrating into the existing office. Design features include a Terra Cotta rain screen system and copper bands that complement the design of the original facility while giving the expanded building its own unique look.

Wilhelm served as construction manager for both this expansion project and the original structure. Construction on the site required a great deal of coordination between the NCAA, White River State Park and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis because of the adjacent properties. The Indianapolis Tennis Center on the IUPUI campus was demolished early in the construction of the NCAA expansion. Special coordination was required to prevent the NCAA from losing delivery access. Several major utility lines run through the building site and needed to be relocated. The water and gas service for the surrounding area was successfully relocated while maintaining service, as well as the primary electrical service to the NCAA. Additionally, a section of the main steam line that feeds the IUPUI campus was replaced and two major sewer lines were reinforced.

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