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Corporate offices have a profound impact on employees and on the communities where they are located. These places communicate the culture of the firm, serve as a home-base for creativity and innovation, and welcome clients and visitors to engage with people, and the product and service offerings provided by the company.

Wilhelm provides complete turnkey construction services for office spaces

Today’s employment environments are much more than bricks and desks. They are intersecting pathways where people collaborate. They are built in harmony with nature, incorporating outdoor community areas and native landscaping. They inspire new traditions and different ways of thinking and operating.

Bringing a project vision from conceptual to assembled, and awesome, requires an experienced building team managing each aspect of construction, and planning for and working through every challenge. Our team collaborates with clients and designers through planning and design phases for accurate cost, scheduling, and logistics planning. During site activities, Wilhelm manages the process delivering facilities quickly and efficiently without sacrificing safety and quality – two key ingredients instrumental to success.

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Wilhelm has the extensive in-house experience and resources to turn your next office project into a place that fits your needs.

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