Oil & Gas

Oil and gas facilities are critical to the nation’s economy and power almost everything in it. Fueling innovation requires complex interconnected facilities and delivery systems constructed with maximum safety and quality in mind. Wilhelm’s preconstruction and construction services help clients plan for, build, and maintain oil and gas production and distribution assets that meet today’s energy demands.

Wilhelm specializes in heavy civil concrete construction, housing the resources, technical expertise, skilled labor, and industrial equipment needed to serve the oil and gas industry. Key aspects of this work include:

  • Site Prep / Demolition
  • Mass Excavation / Trenching
  • Subgrade Stabilization
  • Deep Foundations and Piling
  • Concrete Structures and Caissons
  • Dewatering and Shoring
  • Utility Infrastructure
  • Top Down Structures

Contact us to learn more about Wilhelm’s oil and gas resources and how we can serve you on your next project.

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