Renewable energy is vital to sustaining current power demands and offsetting future increases. As high energy consumers, our industrial clients, as well as ourselves and the construction industry at large, will continue to become increasingly more dependent on economical, clean, and abundant alternatives to fossil fuel sources.

From biomass and hydropower, to geothermal, solar, and wind production and distribution facilities, Wilhelm has the expertise and resources to deliver innovative construction for industrial environments; and we take an integrated approach incorporating renewable energy features such as solar roof panels, green screen exterior wall facades, and UV Blocking glass. Every aspect of client and project needs, market innovations and advances, and our own internal processes is evaluated to ensure energy conservation and usage accountability.

Wilhelm’s commitment to building green is evident throughout our portfolio of LEED Certified and Green Globes projects, our 14 LEED Accredited Professionals, and our support of and participation USGBC and other organizations. Wilhelm’s abilities help clients improve construction quality and productivity throughout all stages of the construction process.

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