Contents and logistics are two primary drivers impacting warehouse construction. Then there are other major influencers such as tight temperature and humidity control, automation, racking design, material handling processes, and security. Regardless of the type of warehouse, unique and complex construction challenges exist.

Wilhelm helps clients build warehouse facilities that balance utilitarian aspects with operational productivity in safe, efficient, functional, and comfortable environments. We also ensure spaces are built to meet their intended use and comply with stringent regulatory agencies.

Emerging technological influences

Warehouse owners and operators facing labor shortages are turning to Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) that control how, where and when materials are stored and distributed. These technologies provided greater tracking and security while requiring less personnel. ASRS systems also require taller structures to accommodate their range of mobility and movement. Wilhelm understands all aspects of warehouse construction including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and is highly experienced in building complex specialty environments that serve client needs.

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