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Without water, nothing lives. This valuable resource is in high demand, and Wilhelm is working hand-in-hand with clients, communities, and regulatory agencies to provide facilities that ensure continuity of clean, safe, and lasting water and wastewater collection, delivery, treatment, and conservation.

Wilhelm’s comprehensive services and resources cover every aspect of heavy civil and industrial construction. Projects consists of process piping, mass excavation, specialty equipment, clarifiers, feed systems, chemical handling, storage, treatment, incineration, odor-control and start-up, commissioning, and maintenance agreements.

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Of all infrastructure construction, water and wastewater projects are the most critical to the public in terms of benefits and risks to the health, safety, and welfare of communities. And sometimes, they are also the most challenging in terms of size, complexity, materials, and location. Wilhelm has the technical expertise and in-house skilled labor and equipment necessary to solve the many difficulties associated with building new water and wastewater facilities and systems, and revitalizing older facilities to meet today’s usage demands and resultant regulatory requirements.

Delivery flexibility leads to success

Cost and timing are also highly essential to infrastructure project delivery. Water and wastewater projects are expensive and can eat a large portion of capital budgets. For clients and municipalities dealing with today’s headaches while planning tomorrow’s expansion, Wilhelm offers a variety of construction delivery approaches that are tailored to meet individual project needs; some of which can even pay for themselves over time. Guaranteed Savings Contract (GSC), Design-build (D/B), and Construction Manager at Risk (CMc/CMAR) each offer advantages to engineers and builders working together through design phases to reduce costs and accelerate schedules.

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