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Design-Build (D/B)

One call really does it all. Wilhelm’s design-build (D/B) contracting incorporates both the design and construction processes providing single-point-of-contact accountability for all aspects of a project’s delivery.

In traditional design-bid-build delivery, owners separately contract architects and engineers who complete construction documents for bidding to contractors who then compete – often based on low-price selection – to build the facility. With D/B services, owners contract with Wilhelm’s one team entity comprised of architects, engineers and contractors working together through the process.

Knowing all projects are unique, Wilhelm’s D/B services are built to accommodate client needs and offer a great degree of flexibility, especially in the opportunity to evaluate options and their resultant impacts to safety, cost, and schedule during preconstruction.

Lasting relationships built on trust and respect make the all the difference

Designers bring new innovations, unique characteristics, and different cultural aesthetics to each project. As a D/B contractor partnering with these experts, we respect and understand their value, therefore we work hard to support and enhance their activities. We know it is our job to integrate into the process and foster shared project ownership. Through this commitment our relationships with key professionals in the  A/E (architect-engineer) industry span several decades.

Projects delivered by Wilhelm via design-build contracting glean several key benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Collaboration – Owners experience more mutual respect between designers and builders
  • Quality-Based Selection – versus price-only selection
  • Schedule Acceleration – architects and engineers address construction concerns during concept development while builders iron out logistics, order specified long-lead items and issue early site packages ahead of moving dirt
  • Budget Development Accuracy – after the baseline budgets are established, estimates are aligned at interval milestones, and as changes are incurred, to provide real-time cost updates
  • Higher Quality – best practice methodologies and lessons learned are built into the project goals from the start

Contact us to learn how our design-build services can positively impact your next project. To see our portfolio work click here.

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