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Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Single source contracting and turn-key occupancy through EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) are two key reasons clients in complex industrial, manufacturing and power markets choose this methodology for large-scale projects. EPC is not only easy for clients delivery-wise, it also eliminates many of the threats associated with building in these environments by transferring responsibilities to the builder. Wilhelm leads full-source EPC strategies embracing all risks associated with this complex and challenging industrial and manufacturing procurement.

EPC contracting differs from other methods in that builders require little more than performance requirements to complete entire scopes from start to finish. Wilhelm’s EPC services span the lifecycle of a project from feasibility studies and planning, to design development, through global procurement and logistics. Teams of professionals solve every challenge along the way and procure all human resources, materials, and tools and equipment needed for success.

Is EPC right for your project?

With Wilhelm leading all aspects of planning, implementation, and execution of EPC contracts, complex and costly intangibles become certainties with clear fiscal responsibilities and guarantees in terms of fixed pricing, scheduling execution, resource allocation, and risk accountability.

For clients, housing all elements under Wilhelm’s umbrella gives peace of mind – especially in a difficult construction market where labor forces are strained and increased material and specialty services demands are escalating prices and causing delays.

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