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Guaranteed Savings Contract (GSC)

Designers, contractors and subcontractors actively engaged during planning phases of public works projects create prime opportunities for implementing energy and cost saving measures that control budgets and even help some initiatives pay for themselves. Wilhelm is one of a handful of qualified Indiana Guaranteed Savings Contract (GSC) providers offering comprehensive design-assist, preconstruction, and construction services for this model of delivery.

Wilhelm’s GSC approach is based on up front designer/builder collaboration and open book formatting for complete transparency and negotiations of compensation and guaranteed maximum pricing (GMP). Our clients track financial progress as it unfolds and are assured on-budget accountability, in some instances, re-cooping initial investments through efficiency savings over time.

How does guaranteed maximum pricing (GMP) work?

An agreed upon Wilhelm GMP is the maximum amount of value charged for the given scope. Contingencies are built into the process to insulate against unknown conditions, and Wilhelm guarantees to absorb any charges exceeding approved amounts. When construction costs are lower than the established GMP, any savings and unused contingencies are traditionally shared and/or returned to owners, resulting in significant positive impacts to overall budgets.

GSC contracting is adaptable and offers several advantages to clients, the first being your ability to choose Wilhelm as your services provider based on high-quality outcomes instead of low-bid selection. Early coordination between your architects, engineers, and builder works out challenges well before dirt gets moved. You can expect accelerated schedule delivery with site activities starting prior to construction documents being issued. And you are guaranteed to save money in at least one or more ways through reduced energy and/or operating totals, insulation against rising future industry prices, lower maintenance costs and long-term guarantees.

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