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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

People and projects intricately connected through systems and structures that incorporate individual talents, leverage the strength of teams and incentivize creative effort are working in integrated delivery environments. Wilhelm’s Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach collectively harnesses insights from all project participants to optimize end results that exceed expectations.

IPD agreements are as versatile and flexible as are the construction undertakings they represent. A key component of the IPD approach is a shared investment where the entire team benefits from a job well done, and/or experiences the pain of a job not so well done. Everyone having a stake in both reward and risk motivates stakeholders to work together for the best interests of the endeavor.

Collaborative environments that ignite ideas

Another key component of IPD delivery is listening. Ideas are expressed and individuals are heard. Options are weighed and weighted based on their value to the project’s ultimate goals. This collaboration yields holistic perspective results for each detail and the insight to develop solutions and avoid issues prior to ever moving dirt.

IPD increases value to clients through innovation, and through ironing out details in real-time during design phases. Some of the benefits of IPD include:

  • Shared Vision / Shared Goals
  • Reduced Cost
  • Transparent Process
  • Flexibility
  • Accelerated Timeline (during both design and construction)
  • Accountability to One Another
  • Less Conflict
  • Heightened Flexibility
  • No Hidden Costs

Wilhelm’s IPD approach is customized for individual contractual arrangements based on owner, team, and project needs.

Contact us to learn how our IPD services can positively impact your next project. To see our portfolio click here.

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