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Master Service Agreements (MSA)

Service Agreements provide . . . FAST . . . SAFE . . . EASY . . .  procurement of construction and maintenance labor, technology, tools, and equipment. Also known as Master Service Agreements, MSAs and Maintenance Agreements, these project delivery approaches provide clients streamlined solutions tailored to specific and individualized needs.

The goals of Wilhelm’s Service Agreements are to simplify the contracting process, provide ready labor, and align agreed upon details to future projects. The primary Service Agreement sets the expectations, and often includes many of the following items:

  • Confidentiality
  • Safety and quality requirements
  • Delivery specifications
  • Payment conditions
  • Labor rates
  • Security protocols
  • Areas of responsibility
  • Legal liability / resolution settlement

Upcoming work aligns with the parameters established in the primary Service Agreement, and provides a in incorporating project-specific addendums and/or statements of work helping to expedite the procurement of new and consecutive assignments.

Bringing the services you need when and where you need them

Having a Wilhelm Service Agreement in place means you can procure and deliver projects quickly, without going through a potentially lengthy negotiation / legal process. You are starting with a duplicative blueprint that folds seamlessly into pending projects and provides the framework for well-established procedures and protocols moving forward. And, these bonds are generally easier to renew and amend as needed.

Contact us to see how our master service agreements can positively impact your next project. To see our portfolio click here.

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