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Our Services

Wilhelm houses comprehensive construction solutions to meet all of your project needs. And more importantly, the people trained in every single aspect of construction who can deliver those solutions to solve your biggest challenges.

The true differentiator at Wilhelm is the combined strength, talent, and quality of our people; they form the foundation of everything we do. They work together providing all-inclusive construction services ranging from planning and preconstruction, to construction management, to trade contracting and self-perform work, to advisory and owners’ representative services.

What exactly does this mean for our clients?

Wilhelm’s comprehensive construction services save clients time, money, and aggravation. Working with one team enhances communication, maximizes quality and consistency, and optimizes integration of cohesive building factors. Our approach also helps eliminate and/or minimize risks associated with delayed information, conflicting schedules, and contradictory interests.

Contact us to learn how our services can positively impact your next project. To see our portfolio click here.

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