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New technologies are changing the way construction is delivered, which is especially true in Wilhelm’s use of prefabrication for many building components and sections traditionally assembled on site. Complete mechanical systems are now fabricated and erected in temperature controlled environments before being sent directly to the project site for just-in-time installation.

Due to Wilhelm’s unique depth and breadth of in-house multidisciplinary resources, we prefabricate anything from custom machinery connectors to self-contained cleanroom units. We have an AISC certified steel fabrication facility with capabilities to fabricate formwork, piping, electrical systems and metal.

Savings equate to every aspect of project delivery

The positive impacts of prefabrication are realized in cost and schedule savings, reduced labor requirements, and safety and quality results. With prefabrication components housed in manufacturing environments where safeguards are built into the processes (as opposed to individual project sites where different teams facilitate the work) have consistent quality, which in turn reduces the amount of time needed for manufacturing and testing. Prefabrication is not weather dependent, nor does it require scheduling around other trades; therefore, many of the time-consuming variables encountered during field construction are eliminated.

Both design and construction benefit from prefabrication’s flexibility. Clients visualize design through modeling, work with review mock-ups, and develop multi-purpose, duplicative elements that can be replicated for additional projects.

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