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Summer interns leave with a bit of advice from industry professionals

As summer comes to an end, the company says goodbye to the summer help. Throughout the summer F.A. Wilhelm Construction, Industrial Electric, Poynter, and Freitag-Weinhardt had interns serving in roles across the company. To say goodbye, a panel discussion was held at Poynter’s new headquarters in Greenwood, Ind., where interns received advice for their future careers from professionals in the industry. The panel featured American Structurepoint’s Jared Plank, Browning Day Mullins Dierdorf’s Jonathan Hess, City of Anderson’s Pete Heuer, University of Indianapolis’ Andrea Newsom, Eli Lilly and Company’s Earl Lamson, and moderated by Debra Kunce of CORE Planning Strategies.

tour-webTo start the event, Poynter’s president, Joseph Lansdell, gave the group a tour of its new facility. He showed them the state-of-the-art laser and described how the machine works to cut specific designs into pieces of metal. Lansdell discussed some of the projects the company is working on, including, handrails and a silo that would later be shipped to a site and assembled to store corn starch. The group was amazed at how the employees and machines worked to assemble common items seen in buildings everywhere and the wide array of the company’s capabilities.

After the tour, the group reconvened for lunch and a discussion about future careers and how to work toward goals in their careers and personal lives. Kunce led the discussion by asking the panelists questions about the worst job they ever had, what benefits to ask for, and setting goals for a career path as well as giving a bit of advice herself from her own experience.

hess-webHess told the group upon graduation, he wrote down a list of goals he wanted to accomplish in the next twenty years. He described how he was able to accomplish everything he wrote down, but looking back the most important things he’s been able to accomplish that make him the happiest, like a wife and family, weren’t on the list. He said, “When you put your goals into writing and say them aloud you are more inclined to accomplish them. But, know that not everything on that list is going to fulfill you.”

Kunce later opened the discussion up to the audience and asked, “What was one piece of advice you received from a mentor?” F.A. Wilhelm’s Operations Manager Mike Kerr answered, “Every day is an audition.” While it seems simple, people forget how their daily actions mold their opportunities in their work and personal lives. He described how his daily interactions have led to opportunities and connections.

group-webThe panelists offered keen advice to the interns to take with them in the following years as they continue their studies and begin looking for jobs. The advice also served as a reminder to the other professionals in the room and was useful for anyone in any industry.

Our companies would like to thank the interns for all their hard work this summer and remind them as F.A. Wilhelm Construction Company President Phil Kenney said, “you are the future”.

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