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Volunteers revitalize Indianapolis City Market

Indianapolis City Market is a non-profit organization that supports the community and guests by offering foods, products and services in an open air setting. Every Wednesday, the organization holds a farmers market where local vendors can go to sell their products.

The leaders of the organization sought to revitalize the area and devised a plan to make the west plaza more welcoming. With the help of F.A. Wilhelm Construction, Sun King and Nies Eggert Waterproofing (NEW), the Indianapolis City Market was able to implement these plans.

Sunking VolunteersThe plan consisted of a two-day event which included a volunteer day and a grand re-opening at the weekly market.

However, before volunteers could begin working, Wilhelm and NEW needed to prepare the stage and perform other behind-the-scenes work. Wilhelm completed the carpentry on the stage, followed by an application of a waterproof coating performed by NEW. The coating gives the stage a longer life requiring less maintenance in the future. With this work complete, Sun King was able install their brand’s artwork.

On June 23, ten SunKing volunteers contributed to the directors’ vision to revitalize City Market by planting flowers and plants and hanging banners.

In addition to the revitalized City Market, volunteers also donated time to other non-profit organizations in the area, like the YMCA. These organizations assigned tasks to modernize and brighten the Indianapolis City Market Mezzanine, creating a more welcoming setting for visitors.

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