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Where is Wilhelm Construction?

Current Concrete Construction Projects:

Wilhelm Construction can be found several places throughout town, maybe even right down the street from you!

Belmont Ultraviolet Facility

Wilhelm Construction is serving as general contractor for this project, which is one of the largest ultraviolet disinfection projects in the country. The scope of the project includes two new large concrete tank structures, an electrical controls building, extensive electrical ductbank and the renovation of an existing chemical feed building.






New Wishard Hospital

Wilhelm Construction has multiple projects currently in progress at the New Wishard Hospital. Wilhelm Construction is the general contractor of the 2,300-car, six-level, cast-in-place, post-tensioned parking structure. The structure will have three entrances and three stair/elevator towers, and will stand on the west side of the New Wishard campus. Serving also as general contractor, Wilhelm Construction is overseeing the installation of the auger cast piles, the foundations package for the new hospital and the concrete structure for the core package.

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