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Wilhelm completes integral lift station installation

Citizens Energy Lift StationF.A. Wilhelm will soon complete an integral lift station installation for Citizens Energy Group (Citizens).

For this project, Wilhelm installed a new wet-well at an existing lift station, used the existing wet-well to create a diversion structure, and removed the old dry well.

Adding to the complexity of the project, the existing wet-well had to remain active while Wilhelm crews excavated 27 feet into the ground in the adjacent area.  Due to the size and location of the site, special care was taken to ensure a safe and successful project.

“Getting the large equipment needed to do the excavation and drilling into the site was a challenge because we were working in a relatively small area,” said Derek Carlson, Wilhelm’s project manager. “The site is triangular with a road on one side, utility lines on another and the wet-well on the other.”

As is often the case when working on existing infrastructure, the Wilhelm crew discovered an undocumented sewer connection to the wet well and the force main in an unexpected location.

Sandy Shafer,  construction manager with Citizens, says this is not uncommon when dealing with older systems. “It’s not that problems and unforeseen conditions don’t occur, it is how they are handled that is important.” She said Wilhelm was very patient while Citizens worked to find the force main and decided where to relocate the sewer connection. According to Shafer, it only took about a month to get these issues resolved. Wilhelm never missed a beat and kept the project on track.

Shafer said the way a construction crew works together can make a big difference on a project like this.  It can take time for a crew to figure out how to work together – time that projects like this don’t have. “Wilhelm has seasoned crews. Their crews have worked together for a long time, and the relationships are there. They know how to work together productively,” she said.

Shafer could tell Wilhelm did its homework. “They come into a project looking 2-3 weeks ahead,” she said, adding that this preparation really helps when unexpected challenges present themselves.

“We’re very happy with our experience with Wilhelm,” said Shafer. “Citizens’ decision to hire Wilhelm was about more than the price. They know how to communicate, and they have the resources they need to get the job done.”

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